Hermes Lite 2

Hermes Lite 2

(Updated on July 2021) To Customers:
Due to the recent IC serious shortage, some key IC difficult to source, and the price is much higher. Makerfabs have to adjust the selling price a little, from $225.7 to $255.7, we are sincerely sorry for this, and thanks for all your understanding...

(Updated on Sep 2021) To Customers:
The IC shortage goes on especially the FPGA EP4CE22E22C8N, we have to purchase them from local distributors at extremely high prices. so as the price, we have to re-set it to $289 for the latest production around, 100 pcs. Given the current IC shortage, this may only be viable for a build of another 100 units after which there may be no stock or even higher prices. Makerafabs will adjust to the selling price as with the latest IC status.
Thanks for all your support on Hermes Lite, and all the community understanding.

This is the Pre-order, we have started the production and the estimated shipping time is 13rd, Oct 2021.

The Hermes-Lite is a low-cost direct down/up conversion software-defined amateur radio HF transceiver based on a broadband modem chip and the Hermes SDR project. It is an entirely open source and open hardware, including the tools used for design and fabrication files.

Note that the Hermes Lite intends to Makers/RF Amateurs, please make sure you have related experience, and more important, enthusiasm, to enjoy them. Makerfabs will test all boards before shipping, but does not provide usage help.

For all support and questions, please seek help from here.

External link:

  • Project Introduction
  • Usage
  • Github
  • Note:

    Thanks for Chris’s suggestion, a metal Shim was added to the package to cool the system, please refer to the below 2 pictures to install the shim:


    More Info of Hermes Lite 2.0:

    About the previous group buy in May 2020: As the Hermes Lite 2.0 group buy is ongoing, many customers are very concerned about the production progress of the Hermes Lite 2.0. So let’s have a small factory tour with Makerfabs and see how is the PCBA production process of Hermes Lite 2.0.

    You can check this blog(updated on 8th, May 2020): PCBA In Production - Hermes Lite 2.0

    Also, check this video:

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