DC/DC Adaptor

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10-32V to 12-35V 150W DC/DC Booster

This is a DC-DC boost module, the power of it up to 150 W, it can supply power to your laptop or ..


5V DC-DC Booster- CE8301

This is a 5V DC-DC booster, it is based on the mini PFM DC/DC IC CE830. It is an excellent boost..


Adjustable DC-DC Booster- LM2577S

This DC-DC module based on the step-up switching regulator LM2577S. In this module, the output vo..


Adjustable DC-DC Regulator with LCD Display

This is an adjustable DC-DC regulator with STN LCD display, which can display the voltage and curr..


Adjustable Integrated DC-DC Module- LM2596S

This is a voltage meter based on the DC-DC module – LM2596S. With this function, you can monitor ..


Adjustable Mini DC-DC Module- LM2596S

This DC-DC module based on the step-down switching regulator LM2596S. In this module, the output ..


Adjustable Mini DC-DC Module- MP1584EN

The MP1584 is a high frequency step-down switching regulator with an integrated internal high-side..


BreadBoard Power Supply

This is power module for breadboard. It has a USB interface and a DC jack for power supply. USB ..


DC to DC 3A Step Down Converter

This is a mini DC-DC step-down power module based on MP1584 and it output fixed 5V with two USB. ..


Micro USB Cable with Switch

This USB to Micro USB Cable with switch is 1.5m long and is the perfect hard on/off power switch ..


Mini USB Inverter

This is a USB boost cable which support 5V power input and output 5V,9V or 12V three version. And ..


OBD Charger

This is a 12v/24v to 5v OBD Charger. It is use for Tachograph, with 15s delay protection, low volt..