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Parts Sourcing

Makerfabs provide parts sourcing service for your projects, either for your PCBA projects that wi..


PCB Assembly

a { color:rgb(0, 97, 190); transition:0.5s; }a:hover { color:rgb(235, 97, 0) }     Make..


PCB Layout Design

With more than 5 years working experience on open hardware products include the Arduino/ Raspberr..


PCB Prototyping

The way for the makers& startups to get the PCBs for prototyping or trial-production, with lo..


Premium PCB Service

1. What is the mean by “Premium”? The PCB Service can meet >95% customer’s requirements..


Testing Jig& Fixture

Recently we have got many customers asking for PCBA testing jigs, for programing/testing their PC..