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Makerfabs Mabee series are modules with unified connectors, sensors, and actuators, for users to use conveniently by plug& play, without any soldering or detailed checking of the sensor itself. 

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Mabee_6Aixs IMU MPU6050

This Mabee_ MPU6050 Accelerometer& Gyro has 3-Axis digital accelerometer and 3-Axis gyroscop..



A simple button with Cap for digital inputs, with Mabee Interface for easy usage. Makerfabs Mab..



This thermal camera measures temperature and displays the thermal imaging figure. It is based o..


Mabee_Relay 10A

A Relay module used to control high voltage& big current circuits On/Off. It is a digital no..


Mabee_Serial WiFi

This Mabee Serial Wifi is based on ESP-12S, to make the WiFi available for more hardware platfor..


Mabee_Servo SG90

A simple& cheap Servo module with Mabee interface, for starters to learn the servo usage and..


Mabee_Slide Potentiometer

Do you still remember your physics class in junior middle school, about the potentiometer? The s..


Mabee_Temperature& Humidity DHT11

Mabee_Temperature& Humidity DHT11 is high quality, low-cost digital temperature, and humidit..


Mabee_TVOC and eCO2 SGP30 & Temperature and Humidity SHT31

This Mabee module is an air quality monitor. Based on SGP30, this module provides TVOC(Total V..



8 pcs of WS2812 RGB LED easily for panel mounting with Mabee interface. 2 Mabee interface Input..