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Open Hardware Boards designed& Produced by Makerfabs, mainly for Makers' quick prototyping.

  • Maduino:  IOT(Internet of things) Modules based on Arduino Atmega328P & Arduino Zero(ATSAMD21G18), with various of communication modules such Wifi/ GPS/ GPRS/ Ble... 
  • MaESP: Small prototyping board with ESP32/ESP8266 modules, to various kind of expansions, with usage demo either on Arduino/ MicroPython. 
  • MaPIE: Products mainly on Raspberry Pi Latest Pico& RP2040;
  • Malora: Makerfabs Lora/LoraWAN related products, to help Makers creating lora network& application easily.
  • Mabee: Makerfabs Mabee series are modules with unified connectors, sensors, and actuators, for users to use conveniently by plug& play, without any soldering or detailed checking of the sensor itself. 

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Lora AC Dimmer

Update: An AC Dimmer is used to control the AC cycle. Normally, a dimmer is used to turning t..


6 DOF Robot Arm with Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry PI PICO could be a great controller for servo control. With the hardware PIO, the PICO..


Dragino LPS8N Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway

The LPS8N Indoor Gateway is an open source LoRaWAN gateway from Dragino. It allows you to connec..


ESP32 Audio Player

This ESP32 Audio player is composed of the MakePython ESP32 and the Audio Expansion module, to add..


ESP32 Lora Gateway

To create the LoraWAN, a gateway is needed to make all the items in Lora networks assessable to ..


Lora - 4 Channel MOSFET Driver

This Lora - 4 Channel MOSFET Driver makes it easy to control FANS/DC motors/ Solenoid/ Electroma..


Lora Soil Monitoring & Irrigation Kit

When we say “Farm automatic” or “smart agriculture”, soil status monitoring& irrigation is t..


Lora Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor V2

Description: This is the V2 version for the Lora moisture sensor, with a 3D printing case added..


Lora Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor V3

Makerfabs Lora Soil Moisture is a cheap& easy solution for smart agriculture. It is used for..


LoRaWAN Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor

LoRa moisture sensor has been popularly used in the open hardware community, but we have got man..


Mabee_6Aixs IMU MPU6050

This Mabee_ MPU6050 Accelerometer& Gyro has 3-Axis digital accelerometer and 3-Axis gyroscop..



A simple button with Cap for digital inputs, with Mabee Interface for easy usage. Makerfabs Mab..