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Maker Fabs

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3D Printing

Makerfabs dedicated to providing turn-key PCBA service for Makers and new startups. Although we ..


CNC Prototyping/ CNC Turing & CNC Miling

What's CNC Milling Service? Makerfabs dedicated to providing turn-key PCBA service for Makers and..


Components Parts Sourcing

What's Component Sourcing service? Makerfabs provide parts sourcing service for your projects, e..


Drop Shipping Service

Makerfabs can deliver the goods directly to your end customers for your Kickstarter/Indiegogo proj..


EMC Optimization Service

What's EMC certification optimization service? Today’s equipment designers need to do more than..


Mold Design and Production Service

Makerfabs provide a one-stop PCB Assembly service including molding design and production. Inject..


PCB Layout Design

Makerfabs PCB layout design service: With more than 5 years of working experience on open hardwa..


PCB Prototyping

The way for the makers& startups to get the PCBs for prototyping or trial-production,..


PCBA Coating

Makerfabs provide the turnkey PCBA service including PCBA coating service: What's PCBA conforma..


PCBA/ Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

Makerfabs provides the turnkey PCB assembly service for makers& startups to create the first p..


Premium PCB

1. What is the mean by "Premium"? The PCB Service can meet >95% of customer's requirements, but ..


Product Certificates

To ensure the final products can be sold legally, some kinds of certifications are mandatory, dep..