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Open Hardware

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GPRS GSM GPS Shield (AI- A7)

This GPRS/GSM/GPS Shield based on the Ai-think A7 module, which is the newest GSM GRPS+GPS Quad-Ba..



This GPRS/GSM/GPS Shield based on the SIMCom SIM808 all-in-one cellular phone module. Compares to ..



This GPRS/GSM Shield based on the SIMcomm SIM800F Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz module that deliv..


H-Bridge Motor Shield

This H-Bridge Motor Shield based on 8 N-channel MOSFET IRF3205S and 4 pcs half-bridge motor contro..


Heatsink Kit for Raspberry Pi

This is a heatsink kit for raspberry pi, which includes one 14*14*6 heatsink and two 8*8*4 heatsin..


Heatsink with Fan for Raspberry Pi

This heatsink is made from high-quality aluminum and a mini Fan, which will work perfectly with an..


Hermes Lite 2

Very Note about the tech support& repairing: If you need any tech support in the usage, or so..


Hermes Lite 2 Enclosure

This Hermes Lite 2 Enclosure is composed of an aluminum case, and 2 customized F/B bare PCB boar..


Hermes Lite 2 N2ADR

The Hermes-Lite is a low-cost direct down/up conversion software-defined amateur radio HF transc..


KittenBot Silicone Sleeve for Micro:bit

The KittenBot Silicone Sleeve use to protest and accessorizes your Micro:bit board. It looks like ..


Leaper - Upgraded Arduino RFID& Stepper Driver Learning Kit

This Learning Kit includes some of the advanced modules such as RFID module, Stepper driver modu..