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PCBA Coating

PCBA Coating

Makerfabs provide the turnkey PCBA service including PCBA coating service:

What's PCBA conformal coating

PCB conformal coating is the process of applying a polymer film to safeguard the components in the printed circuit boards. It designed to form protective chemical or polymer film barriers over finished electronics assemblies to protect them against extreme environments, electrical leakage, and exposure to moisture, salt, temperature fluctuation, fungus, dust, and other environmental hazards and contaminants.
Makerfabs provide coating service for PCBA boards, from PCBA prototyping to mass production.

PCBA Coating Materials:

There are so many coating solutions and related materials on the market, to make the whole store simple enough for makers, Makerfabs prepared 2 spray coating material, which is widely used in our previous projects:
1. The Sinware 7 Coating. This is a canned coating material, which needs to be used manually, normally used for prototyping& small batch production;
2. The MG419D coating. Makerfabs use spraying machine for this, as the video shows.
Makerfabs prepared these 2 coating solutions all the time for customers. If you need your PCBA coated, just tell us the solution you want, and Makerfabs deal with them all.

Of course, if you need some other coating material, that is OK. Kindly let us know: sales@makerfabs.com


  • Conformal Coating MG419D
  • SINWE 7 Coating
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