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We will have 7 days holiday from Sep 29th to Oct 5th, 2023 (GMT+8), for the Mid-autumn Festival and Chinese National Holiday. Orders after Sep 28th will proceed on Oct 6th.

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16mm 40kHz Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Combined T / R

This is a 16mm 40kHz waterproof ultrasonic sensor combined T / R, which is a non-contact distanc..


5-Way Navigation Switch

This navigation switch is an intuitive way to add 5 button's worth of interfacing with a single co..


DS3231 Precision RTC &AT24C32 EEPROM Module

This Real Time Clock (RTC) is the most precise you can get in a small, low-power package. It is in..


Embedded Antenna U.FL for GPS

This is an embedded antenna for GPS. It has an IPX/U.FL connector can be used on GPS Shield, SIM8..


GPS Active Antenna- 3m with SMA Connector

This GPS antenna draws about 10mA and will give you an additional 28 dB of gain. It's got a 3-mete..


Linear Potentiometer Module

This Linear Potentiometer Module based on a high-quality linear variable resistor with a maximum r..


Raspberry Pi RTC Expansion Module

The RTC module is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi. It communicated with Raspberry Pi throug..


Tiny RTC For Arduino

This Arduino Tiny RTC I2C module incorporates the DS1307 I2C real-time clock IC and the 24C32 32K ..