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LoRa Radio Shield (433MHz)

The LoRa shied based on the RFM98W 433MHz module, which is a long-range transceiver on an Arduin..


Lora Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor V3

Makerfabs Lora Soil Moisture is a cheap& easy solution for smart agriculture. It is used for..


LoRaWAN Temperature/ Humidity/ Soil Moisture Sensor

LoRa moisture sensor has been popularly used in the open hardware community, but we have got man..


Maduino Lora Radio (433M/868M/915M)

Based on those Maduino solutions, Makerfabs can also help to customize those boards with customer’..


Maduino Zero LoRaWAN

LoRa (short term for long range) is a spread spectrum modulation technique derived from chirp sp..


MaESP ESP32 Lora Gateway

To create the LoraWAN, a gateway is needed to make all the items in Lora networks assessable to ..


Lora Relay 30A

This 30A Lora Relay is a relay module that could be controlled by Lora, with max current 30A/240..


4-Channel Lora Relay 10A

This Lora relay helps to extend the Lora networks to control actuators/ lights/ motors, to create ..