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Solar Panel- 1W 5.5V

Solar Panel- 1W 5.5V

This solar panel is made of single-crystal material that performs high solar energy transformation efficiency at 17%. It has a fine resin surface and sturdy back suitable for outdoor environments.

The typical open circuit voltage is around 5V, depending on light intensity. In those bright summer days with a clear sky and big sun, the peak OC voltage can rush up to 10V. To prevent any damage to boards that accept a narrow range of input voltage, like Lipo Rider, recommended checking whether the OC voltage is safe before any connection.


  • Typical voltage: 5.5V
  • Typical current: 170mA
  • Open-circuit voltage: 8.2 V
  • Solar energy transformation efficiency at 17%
  • Suitable for outdoor environments
  • Package List:

  • 1 x Solar Panel- 1W 5.5V
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