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We will have 7 days holiday from Sep 29th to Oct 5th, 2023 (GMT+8), for the Mid-autumn Festival and Chinese National Holiday. Orders after Sep 28th will proceed on Oct 6th.


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1 USD BLE Solution Core

When Makerfabs try to make a disposable product that needs to be really low cost, with BLE4.1, we ..


ATmega32 Tetris DIY Open Kit

A Simple Open Kit for Tetris, based on Atmega32. This kit includes all the necessary parts for a ..


CircuitPython PewPew M4

PewPew M4 is an affordable game console programmed with CircuitPython (but also MakeCode Arcade or..


DS213 4- Channel Open Hardware Mini Oscilloscope

DS213 is a “5-track, 4-wave line” digital storage oscilloscope for general-purpose electronic engi..


DSO DS211 1- Channel Open Hardware Mini Oscilloscope

The DSO series oscilloscope is an Open Hardware pocket-size compatible 32bit digital storage oscil..


DSO DS212 2- Channel Open Hardware Mini Oscilloscope

DS212 is the upgrade version of the DS202, it is a 2-channel digital oscilloscope. It is in a ne..


Hermes Lite 2

Very Note about the tech support& repairing: If you need any tech support in the usage, or so..


Hermes Lite 2 Enclosure

This Hermes Lite 2 Enclosure is composed of an aluminum case, and 2 customized F/B bare PCB boar..


Hermes Lite 2 IO board

This board connects to the Hermes Lite 2 and is mounted above the N2ADR filter board. It provides ..


Hermes Lite 2 N2ADR

The Hermes-Lite is a low-cost direct down/up conversion software-defined amateur radio HF transc..


Micro Bit Breakout v1.0

The micro bit is an entry-level development board designed by BBC for teens programming educatio..


Micro:bit Prototyping Board

This prototyping board for the micro: bit is a great way to start making circuits and making exp..