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| align="center" width="100" | '''Pin'''  
| align="center" width="100" | '''Pin'''  
| align="center" width="200" | '''Description'''  
| align="center" width="150" | '''Description'''  
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|- style="font-size: 90%"
| align="center" | NC
| align="center" | NC

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Attention!!!!!! This product has not been released yet


4-Channel Lora Relay-10A based on the Arduino, users can program it with Arduino IDE, which is very easy especially suit for the none-programmers. There are also guide for users to learn how to create the first IoT project with this board, with which the starters can learn the hardware and programming skill quickly.
Modul: 4-Channel Lora Relay-10A


  • ATMEL Atmega328P: High Performance, Low Power Atmel®AVR® 8-Bit Microcontroller
  • Speed Grade:20Mhz
  • Flash:32Kbytes
  • RAM: 2KBytes
  • EEPROM: 1Kbytes
  • Relay type: General Purpose
  • Rated current of relay contact: 10A
  • Coil type of relay: Non Latching
  • Coil voltage of relay: 5V
  • Switching voltage of relay: (277VAC , 28VDC) Max
  • DC12V or 5V input


4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 2.PNG
Pins connection:

Atmega328P Relay
D4 K1
D3 K2
A3 K3
A2 K4

The following table lists all of the relay's pins and their functionality.

Pin Description
NC Normally Closed
NO Normally Opened
COM Switch Common


Hardware connection

The USB TO UART TOOL is needed to connect the module and PC. The pins connections is:

4-Channel Lora Relay-10A USB-to-UART Tool
3V3 3V3

4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 3.JPG

Software setup

Open the Arduino, select the Tools menu, and set the parameter, as the figure:
4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 4.PNG

Lora Transmitter

You can get the firmware from here: Firmware
Prepare a Lora receiver and put it aside.
Open the file "LoraTransmitter.ino" and modify the frequency macro according to your board is 433Mhz or 868Mhz or 915Mhz.

#define RF95_FREQ 868.0 

Verify and upload it.
4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 8.PNG
Open the“Tools—Serial Monitor” and the information of Lora Transmitter will be shown in the monitor, as the figure.
4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 5.PNG

Lora Receiver

You can get the firmware from here:Firmware
Open the file "LoraReceiver.ino" and modify the frequency macro according to your board is 433Mhz or 868Mhz or 915Mhz.

#define RF95_FREQ 868.0 

Verify and upload it. After finish, open the“Tools—Serial Monitor”, If have a transmitter next to it, the recipient will receive data sent by the Transmitter and the monitor will show the received information in the window, as the figure.
4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 6.PNG
If the receiver has received it, the relay will be turned on or turned off. The light next to the relay is on when COM connect to NO, light off when COM connect to NC, and light off Normally.
4-Channel Lora Relay-10A 7.GIF


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