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| align="center" | Pulse output
| align="center" | Pulse output
Note: PNP OUTPUT is the inverse pulse of NPNR output.<br>
==Basic usage==
==Basic usage==

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About anemometer


An anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed and is a common weather station instrument. After testing many anemometers in the market, we found out this NPN pulse output anemometer quality good while cost-effective.Unlike the analog output version anemometer, this anemometer output pulse which reflects the wind speed more accurately. Besides, this anemometer is totally Waterproof, with a stable installation design, suitable for outdoor applications.

In working, if the anemometer turns one round in one second, the transmitter will output 20 pulses, which means the wind speed is 1.75m/s.
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Anemometer 100.jpg


  • Power: 5V~30V DC
  • Communication: pulse output
  • Resolution: 0.0875 m/s (that is, if 20 pulse detected in 1s, the wind speed is 1.75 m/s, and 3.5m/s if 40 pulse detected)
  • Accuracy: ±(0.2+0.03V)m/s
  • Measuring range: 0~70m/s
  • Output: NPNR
  • Working environment: -20℃~60℃,0%RH~80%RH


Anemometer 110.jpg
Anemometer 111.jpg



Anemometer 113.jpg


Anemometer has a special connector that has four wires of different colors.
Anemometer 107.jpg

Connector Mark Definition
Brown line VCC Power supply
Black line GND Grounding
Green line (PNP)OUTPUT Pulse output
Blue line (NPNR)OUTPUT Pulse output

Note: PNP OUTPUT is the inverse pulse of NPNR output.

Basic usage

  • Prepare an Arduino UNO to connect the anemometer, the connection as the blew figure.
Arduino UNO Anemometer

Anemometer 102.jpg

  • Use the cable to connect the Arduino UNO to the PC.
  • Get the program demo from the Github, and open it by Arduino IDE.
  • Select the development board and port.

Anemometer 103.jpg

  • Verify and upload it to the board.

Anemometer 104.jpg

  • Open the serial monitor window, you will view the measured wind speed.

Anemometer 105.jpg
Anemometer 106.jpg


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