LoRa Radio Expansion

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LoRa Radio expansion based on the LoRa module and provided a wireless Lot solution (ESP32-LoRa). This board is designed for ESP32 3.5" TFT Touch with Camera (also for the 3.2" one), mainly used with the ESP32 3.5" TFT Touch board.

About the ESP32 3.5" TFT Touch board detail, you can check for here.

Model: LoRa Radio Expansion
LoRa Radio Expansion 001.jpg


  • Onboard LoRa module (433Mhz, 868Mhz or 915Mhz)
  • Long-distance communication: 2km or more
  • Active buzzer
  • Power by 3.3V


  • Schematic

LoRa Radio Expansion 002.png

  • Interface

LoRa Radio Expansion 005.jpg

Using Demo

There is a demo code for ESP32 and LoRa expansion board on GitHub. Upload this code to the ESP32 and ESP32 will receive something through LoRa expansion board.
1. Open the code by Arduino IDE, it is required to install the library (RadioLib.h) for the LoRa module working.

LoRa Radio Expansion 003.jpg

2.According to the schematic, it has to configure the pin connection in the code.

#define LORA_MOSI 23
#define LORA_MISO 19
#define LORA_SCK 18
#define LORA_CS 21

#define LORA_RST 22
#define LORA_DIO0 32
#define LORA_DIO1 35

3. The default frequency setting is 433Mhz in the code, if you want other frequency LoRa modules (such as 868Mhz or 915Mhz) working, it needs to make two changes in the code.

#define FREQUENCY 434.0     //868.0 or 915.0        
#define BANDWIDTH 125.0
#define CODING_RATE 7
#define OUTPUT_POWER 10
#define PREAMBLE_LEN 8
#define GAIN 0
SPIClass SPI_Lora = SPIClass(HSPI);
//SX1278 radio = new Module(LORA_CS, LORA_DIO0, LORA_RST, LORA_DIO1, SPI_Lora, SPISettings());   //433Mhz
SX1276 radio = new Module(LORA_CS, LORA_DIO0, LORA_RST, LORA_DIO1, SPI_Lora, SPISettings());   // 868Mhz or 915Mhz

4.Verify the code and upload it to the ESP32 board.
5.The board will receive something by LoRa and display the receiving on the screen.

LoRa Radio Expansion 004.jpg


You can list your question here or contact support@makerfabs.com for technology support. Detailed descriptions of your question will be helped to solve your question.