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VOC(Volatile Organic Compound). due to the chemical characteristics of itself, which has more dangerous in the enclosed place. so we always pay attention to the content of VOC in the enclosed place. And all kind of VOC measured are collectively called as TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compounds)
Mabee_TVOC and eCO2 SGP30 & Temperature and Humidity SHT31
As a product of Mabee series, which is the new number of the Pico W Primer Kit. it can measure sensitively for TVOC and eCO2, also it can precisely measure the temperature and humidity at the same time. Not only that through the temperature and humidity compensation to to ensure accurate and reliable value of measurement. No matter you by the means of it to learning or product desgin,etc.




  • Multi-pixel gas sensor for indoor air quality applications
  • Outstanding long-term stability
  • I2C interface with TVOC and CO2eq output signals
  • Very small 6-pin DFN package: 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3
  • Low power consumption: 48 mA at 1.8V
  • Tape and reel packaged, reflow solderable


  • Fully calibrated, linearized, and temperature compensated digital output
  • Wide supply voltage range, from 2.15 V to 5.5 V
  • I2C Interface with communication speeds up to 1 MHz and two user selectable addresses
  • Typical accuracy of 1.5 %RH and 0.1 °C for SHT35
  • Very fast start-up and measurement time
  • Tiny 8-Pin DFN package




Software setup

Note: It shows different results in some version, the same version is recommaned.
1.Install the Arduino IDE V1.8.10.
2.Install the ESP32-C3 boards supporting package V2.0.5


  • Click “Tools>Board>Boards Manager” to search for and install the ESP32 library:

Usage2 . jpg.png
3.Select and setting the parameter in the Tools menu, as the picture:

Note: Different PC has different Serial COM number.


1. You can get the sourve code from Github
2. Open the file 01_I2C_SCAN
3. Verify it and upload
Usage4.jpg 4. After done uploading, you will see the Serial Monitor as follow.


1.You can get the sourve code from Github
2.Open the file 02_SHT31test
3.Verify it and upload
4.After done uploading, you will see the Serial Monitor as follow.


1.You can get the sourve code from Github
2 Open the file 03_sgp30test
3 Verify it and upload
4 After done uploading, you will see the Serial Monitor as follow.