PICO Servo Driver

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PICO Servo Driver is a platform based on raspberry pi pico, which is designed for driving and controlling servos. The board comes with an 8-bit level translator and 8 channels GPIO headers that can connect the servo directly. Now you can build your new project about servo by trying out the Raspberry PI Pico.

Model: PICO Servo Driver
Pico Servo driver 101.jpg


  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header.
  • Onboard 8-bit level translator TXB0108PWR for driving servos.
  • 8-channel expansion GPIOs for servos.
  • Onboard Active buzzer.
  • One button.
  • Power supply: 5V.


Pico Servo driver 102.jpg

  • Servo header
Index Black Red Yellow
1 GND 5V GP16
2 GND 5V GP17
3 GND 5V GP18
4 GND 5V G019
5 GND 5V GP20
6 GND 5V GP21
7 GND 5V GP22
8 GND 5V GP26
  • Other connection
Button GP14
Buzzer GP15


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