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Micro-segmentation is the art of using software-defined policies, instead of hardware network configurations, to make network security more flexible. It can only work if implemented with right tools and forethought.

How to make micro segmentation work

Visibility is the first thing to be considered. Potential adopters need to thoroughly understand communication patterns and network traffic flow within, from, and to the data center. Next, use a zero-trust approach to implement security policies and rules. This is a complete lock down of communications. Throughout the deployment of micro segmentation, zero-trust policies should be followed. Across the network, communication should be only allowed carefully using the results of previous analysis. It is the best practice for anyone who wants to ensure application security and connectivity.

The process is to be repeated regularly. Distilling rules and analyzing traffic is not a deployment effort that is done once. It needs to be a continuous activity that has to be done often to make sure policies and workloads do not change suddenly and any current analytical results can be used to effectively tune micro segmentation rules. Current analytical results may come from changes in traffic patterns or new applications. All these are consideration putting an emphasis on the choice of tools and hypervisor used in micro segmentation facilitation.

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