Voice Interaction Hat for MakePython

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Attention!!! This product has not been released.

About the product


Voice Interaction Hat for MakePython integrates wm8960 chip, speaker, and microphone together, and works with MakePython ESP32. MakePython ESP32 acts as a controller to interact with the audio codec chip wm8960 through i2s to realize functions such as recording sound and playing audio. At the same time, the board is equipped with an SD card module, which can save audio in the card, or read the audio in the card for playback.
Model: xxx
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  • WM8960, the low power, high-quality stereo CODEC.
  • 3W power speaker.
  • Two ADMP401 MEMs microphone.
  • Maximum voice capture distance: 3m.
  • Audio jack on board.
  • Support Micro SD Card.


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Pins Description

Prepare before used


NOTE: Voice Interaction Hat for MakePython can’t work alone, it need work with MakePython ESP32(Wrover), also can work with other controller connection pins.

You can get Makepython ESP32(Wrover) from here MakePython ESP32(Wrover)


Record Demo

Github: xxx

  • Combined with MakePython ESP32, insert the SD card, plug in the cable for power supply.
  • Open the code xxx with Arduino, if you have not installed the package for ESP32 after Arduino IDE installed, it will need to be installed and the required library files need to be installed too. The detailed installation tutorial can be viewed here: Arduino_ESP32
  • Select Tools-> Board-> ESP32 Wrover Module, and Tools-> Port-> COM….
  • Verify and upload the code.
  • Turn up and down to select the menu, press to confirm the selection.
  • After entering the recording function, you need to keep pressing the button until the recording ends.
  • The playback function can display two recorded files, one is the current recorded completed, and the other is the last recorded file.

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Play Demo

Record device


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